Episode #: 102

Original Air Date: 10th March, 1997

Directed by: John T. Kretchmer

Written by: Joss Whedon

Duration: 46 minutes

The episode continues directly from the ending of "Welcome to the Hellmouth", as Buffy struggles to save Jesse's Life with the help of her new friends Xander, Willow and her Watcher Rupert Giles.

Guest Stars:

Mark Metcalf as the Master

Brian Thompson as Luke

David Boreanaz as Angel

Ken Lerner as Principal Bob Flutie

Kristine Sutherland as Joyce Summers

Julie Benz as Darla

J. Patrick Lawlor as Thomas

Eric Balfour as Jesse McNally

Tupelo Jereme as Girl

Natalie Strauss as Teacher

Carmine Giovinazzo as Boy

Script developed by Never Enough Design