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TVLINE | Amber, this new story could’ve taken many forms. How did you land on it becoming an Audible Original?
AMBER BENSON | My collaborator on this, Christopher Golden, was actually working with Audible UK on another project and we discovered that they had the license. So Lydia, our executive at Audible UK, and Chris were like, “What can we do? What magic can we throw at Disney to let us do this with Amber?” We put together a couple of ideas and they liked it and said, “Let’s do it!”

And for me — I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again — I worked with Charisma on a project a few years ago and we had this scene that was so transcendent, and I was just so blown away with her as an actor. I think the seeds were sown for this story because I was like, “I want to see her be a vampire slayer!” I really wanted to use this opportunity to make my dreams come true of having Cordelia the Vampire Slayer. The best way to do that was to have a multiverse story. That was our way of maybe righting some wrongs that we saw, that we wanted to change.

TVLINE | Charisma, it’s been a while since we saw Cordy in any iteration. What was it like stepping back into her shoes, and how does this story’s Cordelia differ from the one we knew in the past?
CHARISMA CARPENTER | It was complicated. It was a little bit tricky to slip back into this version of Cordelia because in the beginning, I wasn’t exactly sure how to create the character that is now a world-weary slayer, while also holding on to her snark, wit and humor. I was really challenged by that and I had to tell Amber and Chris, “I really don’t understand how to deliver this line right now.” I’m like, “I don’t know what I’m doing,” and Amber was like, “You’re doing it! What you’re doing is working!” And I was like, “OK, OK, so just more of that. Alright!”

So, it was challenging and I never thought I would find that Cordelia had another layer to excavate and dig into. I just was floored. It felt really delicious. I love to kick ass, but I love that she’s grounded in the kicking of ass, where she understands the consequence of the kicking of ass and all that. [To Amber] I love that you’re laughing!

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