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Dimitri: First of all, congratulations on the Wolf Pack. Amazing show. For our readers, you can watch it in Europe on both Amazon Prime and Paramount+.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Thank you very much.

Dimitri: Watched four episodes back to back and loving it.

Sarah: Oh, thank you.

Dimitri: I want to finish it, actually, after we do the interview and stuff. Definitely want to finish it. Do you want to tell us more about your character, Kristin?

Sarah: Well, it’s hard because if you’ve only seen the first four, you don’t really learn about her until the back four. You’ll get to know much more about what motivates her and why she’s really there.

For me, one of the things that I always loved about Buffy was they used the monsters as the manifestation of the horrors of adolescence and how hard that is. This was the first time a show struck that same chord using the idea of these monsters to discuss what scares us now, which is this culture of depression, and anxiety, and isolation, and something that I think unites us all, especially post-pandemic.

Dimitri: Absolutely, the whole show is based on the book and of course it’s coming into supernatural but it’s also coming into a very serious subject of the natural wildfires which it’s quite a touchy subject. I used to live in LA and I know how bad it gets at the end of the summer coming to the fall.

Sarah: Yes, I was evacuated, we were evacuated out of our house at three in the morning.

Dimitri: Oh my God.

Sarah: We were out for a week in the last fire. We didn’t know if our house was still there. What I also think is interesting is a lot of the story of the fire is from the point of view of the animals and how it’s changing the makeup of the animal kingdom, which has been a hierarchy, a very specific ecosystem for years, and we’re changing that.

Dimitri: Absolutely. Because I’ve seen a lot of different films and everything about wildfires, but you guys were the first ones to actually touch the animal side because usually you don’t see anything, any animals at all. Of course they’ve been affected during the wildfires you guys really touch the subject of the wildlife out there.

Sarah: Yes, and what it’s doing to the– later on we get into trophic cascade, which is a term you’ll hear a lot in the second half of the show, and just how it really changed the makeup of the animal kingdom.


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