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I’m sure you’re asked to do projects all the time. What made you decide to do Wolf Pack?

It was a combination of things. It was the timing and it was the setup. As I slowly started getting back to work, I liked the idea of paying homage to what the audience loves—sort of a nod to Revenge and Cruel Intentions. The show is also a nod to Buffy, but in a modern way. I think that, so often, shows discuss mental health, but they don’t really get into the nitty-gritty of it. I love the normalization of anxiety in the show, which is something we all deal with.

I love the idea of fighting your demons. I think, during COVID, a lot of us realized how important all the feelings are—both emotionally and physically. It’s a great feeling when you can be your most authentic self with a group of people who make you feel supported, and how isolating life can be without it.

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